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8May 2022

Free house painting quoteAny hallway painting project, in Yuma, can be done with a roll of painters tape and a paint brush.

Spread out newspaper over your work surface for protection against over-spray and spills when you paint over the wall.

Apply paint liberally to all surfaces with long strokes, covering it as quickly as possible, being careful not to leave any gaps between strokes then all it to dry overnight.

Painting a hall is a great way to make an old home feel new again! Be sure you have ample paint so you don’t get stuck while decorating!Painting in Yuma

Why Paint your Hallway

The paint that’s on your hallway can have a big impact on the mood and atmosphere of your home. So if you’re looking to remodel or freshen up, why not add some new paint?

One reason to paint your it, is because it may be brightening up the space by adding more color. In this article I found many different ways to make them brighter by adding a splash of paint on them.

Whether you choose white, yellow, or blue, there are so many great colors out there! The best part about it is that it doesn’t cost too much money.

It’s a quick and easy way to make a space look different without spending loads of cash!

Painter Services in Yuma

Hallway PaintingThere is no better way to improve the look of your home than with a new coat of paint.

A good  professional painter team can help you transform your living space in Yuma, AZ with a fresh coat of paint.

We have been providing superior services for years to both residential and commercial clients.

We will come out to your property and give you an estimate on the price. You can also call us at (928) 378-3090 or visit our website at painterproyuma.com for more information!

Best Colors to paint your Hall

Hall painting is a good idea if you are looking for quick ways to transform the look and feel of your home.

The best colors are shades of green, blue, and purple – these colors will make the them look brighter.

These colors also have the added bonus of being calming, which is perfect for the area because it will help to keep you calm during morning rush hour.

These colors also work well with a lot of other paint options – they can be used as an accent color or as the main color on your hallway walls.

And if you’re not sure what shade to choose, we can help!

We offer free in-home consultation services where our designers come out and evaluate your space and recommend some great options in person.

DIY or Professional Painting Service

The process of it all can be daunting. There are many different ways to tackle this project, but the most important step is to prepare the surface by sanding it and then wiping it clean with a damp towel.

professional painterOnce it has dried, paint over the hallway with two coats of primer and then two coats of paint. This will seal in the drywall, or wood, while also giving protection from scratches and other damage that may occur in everyday wear-and-tear.

To keep your floor clean as you’re working on this project use drop cloths, old rags or newspapers for your paint materials. This way you don’t have to worry about cleaning up paint spills or getting dirt tracked into other areas of the house.

Why Hire a Painter

Painting is an excellent way to freshen up your home or office. Having a professional painter may just be the answer you have been looking for.

Hiring a painter can save you time and money, so you can go about other activities without having to worry about the paint job.

This will bring life back into any room, or office and in some cases make it feel like new again.

A professional painter may also do things that you don’t know how to do or want to do such as cutting in around window trim, repairing drywall and texturing ceilings.


When painting a hallway, the most important thing to remember is that there is no need to use anything heavier than an eggshell finish. It will be difficult to clean and make extra work for yourself.

The best way to paint a hallway is by using the same color on both sides so it feels balanced. A good idea would be using trim color or one of the colors in your wall decorating scheme.

If you want your hallways painted with different colors, try differentiating them with one of our four sheens: Flat-Matte-Semi-Gloss or Semi-Gloss; these are available in any color!

This doesn’t have to be stressful. Allow us to help you get your home looking new with our services. We can provide any painting job from the most simple interior service to the most complex exterior project. We offer a wide range of painting services call us today at (928)378-3090!

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